About Our Food

We choose our food carefully and consciously, with flavor, freshness and sustainability in mind.

The Master At Work

One example is our salmon, farm raised off of Vancouver Island at Skuna Bay. That's right, farm raised. It's clear to us that the world's wild fish populations are in danger from over-fishing, and once they're gone, they're gone. Skuna Bay uses the cleanest, most sustainable farming practices, and produces some of the best salmon you'll ever eat. Bar none. And, we are helping to ensure great tasting salmon for generations to come.

We frequent the local farmers markets to support and chat with the growers. This is how we know just when the heirloom tomatoes are at their sunny peak, or that plums are the fruit-of-the-moment, juicy, ripe and sweet as candy.

Chef Steve believes that the flavor of food trumps all, and that food will do just what you tell it to do. Steve is truly the Food Whisperer. Says Steve,

"If you don't play with your food, how will you ever know which flavors and textures work and which don't?"

Steve encourages his chefs to experiment, and to share all their ideas, however crazy and wild.

Food should make you happy, make you feel good, and delight all your senses. Our tables are set with three different salts: Sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, and black salt from Hawaii. Our butter is blended with edible flowers for a beautiful and delicious presentation.

We choose pastured meats, from local producers when possible, like Mary's Chicken, Berkshire pork from Niman Ranch and beef from Coffee Pot Ranch in Sheridan.

Ultimately, it's about bringing you the best dining experience we can possibly provide.

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