Chef Steven Long

It is a long journey from refusing to eat your mother's pink mashed potatoes (her experimental food coloring period) to becoming a master chef and owner of your own restaurant. A lot can happen along the way... and it did, but throughout Chef Steven's adventures one constant remained: Everything that he touched was forever altered.

Chef Steve's tendency to leave his mark has not always been appreciated, for as we all know, many great minds, ahead of their times, have been branded as heretics and lunatics.

Growing up poor in the Sacramento area, Steve was born with game-changing entrepreneurship in his DNA, with a Great-Grandfather who opened the first supermarket in California, and a Great-Great-Grandfather, who opened the first trading post in Alaska. But even with a Grandfather who was a renowned butcher, Steve had little contact with food as an art form until going to work in a pizza parlor as a teen. Given the chance there to "play with his food", Steve developed a fascination with the taste, texture, preparation and presentation of food. He considered his culinary interests a hobby, though, and went on to work in several other non-food fields. The pull of his art finally became so strong that he abandoned a lucrative career in metal work to attend the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco at the seasoned age of 41.

Steve graduated from the CCA at the top of his class and has since gone on to chef at top tier restaurants, and cook for Presidents, senators, celebrities and Julia Child. He returned to the Culinary Academy for a stint as an instructor, has helped design restaurants and applied his metal working skills to develop and manufacture a series of cooking molds that changed the way many chefs cook.

As if his accomplishments in the cooking arena were not enough Steve has proven himself a true Renaissance man. An ace trombonist, Steve has played with some of the best jazz musicians. Though he would adamantly deny being an athlete, Steve was a skate boarder, mastered the unicycle and was instrumental in establishing Segway Polo as an international sport, while competing at the world-class level. Adept on guitar and bass, nowadays he prefers to relax by playing the ukelele.

In the end Steve always comes back to cooking. When asked why he loves it so he replies:

"I live for those moments when I can create something extraordinary for my patrons. To see their eyes light up as they experience a flavor or aroma so pleasurable it makes them smile. Sure, I've cooked for Presidents, but that's not the point. It's not the who, it's the smile."

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